Why do so many pilots use Pilot Chews? Because it works!

Pilot Chews is a candy tasting chewable supplement that has been designed to combat pilot fatigue. In just 20 minutes Pilot Chews wakes you up increasing your alertness and focus. Pilot Chews also improves your reflexes, memory and night vision and its effects last for as long as 7 hours!

Pilot Chews is the only product on the market designed exclusively for pilots. Unlike popular energy shots and energy drinks Pilot Chews is actually good for you. Pilot Chews contains only the highest quality pharmaceutical grade vitamins and natural supplements in its proprietary formula.


This unique formula is comprised of the following active ingredients:

Huperzine A – a natural compound extracted from the Chinese Club Moss, which studies show strengthens one's ability to learn and enhances both short and long term memory.

Ginkgo Biloba – a natural herb, which studies show improves blood flow, allows the brain to work with less oxygen, gives energy, may enhance one's attention and may improve memory and cognition.

Vitamin A – a vitamin that is absolutely necessary for vision and maximizes night vision.

Vitamin E – a necessary vitamin that helps transport oxygen to blood cells.

Choline - an essential nutrient, a critical component of memory, reflex and mood enhancement.

Ginger Root – a natural herb, studies show may prevent motion sickness and may prevent nausea and headaches.

Caffeine – an alkaloid crystalline found in certain plants, each dose of Pilot Chews has the caffeine equivalent of a cup of coffee which wards off drowsiness, restores alertness, and gives energy.

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So what about the taste?
Every tube is loaded with 4 delicious, sweet-tooth satisfying, zero sugar guilt-free flavors!
Fruit punch, lime, watermelon, and orange papaya!

So what are you waiting for?
Fly safer! Fly smarter!

Fly with Pilot Chews!